Why Organic?

We're glad you asked! All of our products are GOTS & Oeko-Tek certified. That means they're free of all chemicals, toxins, pesticides and GMOs from start to finish—from the way the crops are grown, to the way the finished product is treated. But why does that even matter?

Organic is better for the planet 
It reduces the environmental footprint as crops don’t need to be rotated, less water & energy is used and it causes less air pollution.

Organic is better for farmers and their communities 
Air and land quality is higher. It protects the environment in which they live and work. Not having to buy all those nasty chemicals also means their production costs are lower, too.

Organic is better for you, too! 
Cotton is pure and the quality is much higher when it's free of all toxins & chemicals. You can rest assured that the goods you’re using are good for your skin, your loved ones, people, and the planet. Now there’s something to feel good about!

Droplet has natural, organic, ethically made pieces that don’t compromise on quality or beauty. Such a fan of this female-founded brand! P.S. They also use recycled material for their packaging, which is so important!
Jillian Lansky - The August Diaries
“ I liked the look of the towels from the beginning, but I have been so impressed with the quality. Our initial order of bath towels are amazingly soft even after their first couple washes. We were so impressed we ordered the Turkish towels and they are amazing too! Great style and amazing quality.”
Christie H.
I was very excited for my first Droplet order, and it didn't disappoint. The blankets are extremely generous in size, softness, and comfort. They're super cozy. And I LOVE the colour Will get the blue at some point, too!
Mishaal K.
I love my towel set! Love the colour and texture. . .they actually get fluffier and softer with each wash. My guests have even commented on how soft they are.
Ansa K.
These towels are incredibly soft and impeccably made. I never thought my favourite part of having a shower would be getting OUT of the shower, but these towels are that good.
Sarah D.


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